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Using Sulfert 8 on Pastures/Forages

Fertilizer guidelines are influenced by numerous variables including crop type, production methods, crop rotation, soil texture, rainfall, and crop production potential. The following guidelines are approximations based on the amount of N and S removed when the crop is harvested only. Fertplan assumes no responsibility or liability for the information supplied.



Sulphur Requirement

Sulfert 8 Application

15 45 kg S ha-1

190 560 kg ha-1

Nitrogen Requirement

Sulfert 8 Application

0 90 kg N ha-1

0 1125 kg ha-1


  • Sulphur-fertilized forage increases both the digestibility, and the protein content of the grasses.

  • Yellowing of newly emerged leaves can be evidence of sulphur deficiency.

  • Straw requires 5kg N, 1kg P, 8.6kg K, and 2 kg N per ton of grain.1

1The Fertilizer Society of South Africa, Fertilizer Handbook 2003 , 5th revised edition.
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