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Key Product Benefits
Ammonium form of nitrogen Sulfert 8s ammonium form of nitrogen is less susceptible to environmental loss by leaching, denitrification, and volatilisation - it is less reliant on nitrification or urease inhibitors as it naturally transforms more slowly than nitrate fertilizers
Sulphate form of sulphur Sulfert 8s sulphur is in sulphate form a form easily assimilated by plants.
Long-term Storage When opened, granular fertilizer products absorb moisture over time making them difficult to apply. Sulfert 8 is a stable formulation and is highly resistant to Nitrogen loss by volatilization; it can be stored for long periods no need to use it in the current fertilizer season.
No offensive odours Sulfert 8s has no manure or fishy odour!
No mess Unlike many granular fertilizer products, there is no dust and dirt to contend with during and after application. Sulfert 8 ensures that your green is always pleasing to the eye.
Cost benefits Nitrogen and Sulphur source in one affordable solution.
Base Product for Blends Sulfert 8 can be mixed with a wide variety of fertilizer products and herbicides to create the formulation that meets your needs.
More P available Sulfert 8 encourages phosphorus uptake by plants.
Uniform Application
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Improved Absorption
Liquid fertilizer can be applied more accurately than granular fertilizers. Sulfert 8s more uniform and accurate liquid application improves the absorption of nutrients by allowing the fertilizer to remain in the root zone for longer.
Ease and convenience of application Sulfert 8 is delivered ready-to-use in liquid form. Sulfert 8 is easily applied using a fertigation system, venturi nozzle, spray applicator, or watering can.
Maximum soil penetration Sulfert 8 is rapidly absorbed by soil ensuring minimal Nitrogen loss to the atmosphere (volatilization).
Highly soluble Sulfert 8 is highly soluble and will not clog irrigation systems it can even be used for drip irrigation. Sulfert 8 is highly Soluble in water!

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