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Applying to Greens

Greens Application

Frequent mowing removes significant qualities of nitrogen from your greens. Not surprisingly, greens require more frequent fertilizer applications, than fairways, parks, sports fields, and garden lawns. General turf requires approximately three 84 kg.N.ha-1 applications in the growing season, while greens require approximately 40 kg.N.ha-1 per month in the growing season.

Uniform and consistent growth is a priority on greens, to this extent; the monthly fertilizer allocation should be divided and applied evenly throughout the month on a weekly/bi-weekly basis depending on foot traffic on the greens and the observed rate of growth. At the very least, the fertilizer should be split and applied bi-monthly, however more frequent applications are preferable.


Application instructions vary depending on the method of application. If applied through a fertigation system, no dilution of Sulfert 8 is required. Likewise, mix nozzles automatically dilute Sulfert 8 and prior dilution is not required. For spray applications, Sulfert 8 must be diluted with water in a ratio of between 1:2 1:5 depending on the environmental conditions at the time of application. E.g. In hot, dry, windy conditions a dilution of 1:4 will mitigate the risk of Sulfert 8 scorching greens

Golf greens

Spray applications

Sulfert 8 liquid fertilizer must be diluted with water in a ratio of between 1:2 1:5 for greens. (Refer to the table below for more detail.)

E.g. If applying on a weekly basis, mix 1.05 litres (1.25kg) of Sulfert 8 with two to five litres of water and apply to 100m2. Over the four weekly applications, a total of 4.2 litres (5kg) of Sulfert 8 should be applied to the 100m2.

Sulfert 8 can be applied using a venturi mix nozzle, spray applicator, or any other suitable dispersion device.
Spray application in gusty wind should be avoided to prevent uneven dispersion. A wind speed of less than 8 km/hr is preferable.

Irrigate well after application to prevent scorching.

Creating blends

Sulfert 8 is highly soluble in water. When adding supplementary nutrients, allow mixture to stand overnight to guarantee a well-mixed solution. Verify that the supplementary ingredients are compatible with Sulfert 8 prior to mixing to prevent chemicals precipitating out of solution (e.g. Potassium Nitrate should be avoided).

Greens: Monthly applications*


Nitrogen Demand:

Sulfert 8:

Dilute with water: (Min. dilution: 1:2)

Total mixture:

Per Square meter (m2)

4 g

50 g


42 ml

84 ml

126 ml

Per 100 Square meters

( / 100m2)

400 g

5 kg


4.2 l

8.4 l

12.60 l

Per hectare (ha)

40 kg

500 kg


420 l

840 ml

1260 l

* Average monthly application rates

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