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Company History:

Fertplan was founded in January 2006 with the view to supplying liquid fertilizer into the South African fertilizer market. To date, Fertplan has developed one product, Sulfert 8 (8:0:0:8S), which services the bowling and golf clubs in the greater Cape Town area. In November 2006, the company made the strategic decision to expand into the wholesale nursery and agricultural markets in response to foreseeable demand.

Company Philosophy:

The Fertplan philosophy is described through our Core Values, Purpose, and Mission outlined below:

Core Values

Our Core Values are the foundational beliefs and attitudes that shape our organisation:

The employees and the corporate culture are the foundations of our business.
The company prioritises in the following order:
Business Conduct — to operate at the highest ethical standards.
Customer Orientation — Strong customer relationships by respecting their long-term interests.
Societal Impact — to impact our community in terms of job creation and social upliftment.
Commitment to the stakeholders — to share our success with our stakeholders.
Decisions are made to ensure sustainability rather than short-term results.
Our suppliers are both partners and stakeholders in our business.
Excellence is not an option — it is a requirement!


"To bring innovation to the fertilizer market"


To be a fertilizer company that stands head and shoulders above its competitors in terms of the integrity with which it operates, the value with which it adds, and the positive impact it makes on society. To be a company that understands and satisfies its customers´ needs by efficiently supplying quality fertilizer products at competitive prices. To be a company that is no stranger to innovation and dynamism, and is unafraid of change.

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