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Sulfert 8 on Crops


Sulfert 8 (8:0:0:8S) is a liquid fertilizer that contains ammonium sulphate mixed with various organic raw materials. Ammonium sulphate is a frequently used fertilizer in the agricultural sector. Used on a wide variety of crops, it is an optimal source of sulphur for sulphur-deficient crops.


spacerSulphur is one of the 16 essential elements required for production of amino acids and proteins in plants. It is the fourth most important element after nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

The statutory limitations on industrial emissions of sulphur dioxide, a source of sulphur freely available in the air, and the use of highly concentrated fertilizers which contain less sulphur has meant that more sulphur deficiency symptoms have been observed in grain crops in the Western Cape. Corrective applications of elemental sulphur take weeks or often months to be broken down into Sulphate form – the form which plants require for absorption.

Sulfert 8 contains 80 grams of Sulphur in Sulfate form per kilogram product. It nourishes the plant with sulphur that is readily available for absorption and the correction of deficiency.

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