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Key Product Benefits
Easy application Sulfert 8s is ready to use - just mix with water as directed.
No offensive odours Sulfert 8s has no manure or fishy odour!
Long-term Storage When opened, granular fertilizer products absorb moisture over time making them difficult to apply. Sulfert 8 is a stable formulation and is highly resistant to Nitrogen loss by volatilization; it can be stored for long periods no need to use it in the current fertilizer season.
Pet friendly No risk of pets ingesting the fertilizer once applied.
No mess Unlike many granular fertilizer products, there is no dust and dirt to contend with during and after application. Sulfert 8 ensures that your garden is always pleasing to the eye.
Maximum soil penetration Sulfert 8 is rapidly absorbed by soil ensuring minimal Nitrogen loss to the atmosphere (volatilization).
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