Sulfert 8 on Turf



Sulfert 8 (8:0:0:8S) is a liquid fertilizer that contains ammonium sulphate mixed with various organic raw materials.

Ammonium sulphate solution (40%) is an inorganic nitrogenous fertilizer, comprising 8% nitrogen as ammonia, and 8% sulphur as sulphur.
Sulfert 8ís organic matter formulation provides a healthy organic boost (2 µm max pore size).

Ammonium sulphate usage is prevalent on golf courses through out South Africa. Sulfert 8 provides the nitrogenous benefits of ammonium sulphate with the added benefit of supplementary organic content.

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  • Affordable!
  • Delivered in liquid form!
  • Easy application!
  • Improved absorption!
  • Maximum soil penetration!

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